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The only UPS with
true power protection

Power outages and electrical transients cause equipment disruption, malfunction, and downtime. The SurgeX UPS-1000-Li-2 battery backup surge protector truly solves both issues by combining an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to safeguard equipment from outages with Advanced Series Mode® surge protection technology to eradicate surges, spikes, and electrical noise.

  • Line Interactive technology
  • Analytical software
  • Wiring fault detection
  • 9’ grounded line cord

Models: UPS-1000-Li-2

  • Overview +

    Built with line interactive technology, the UPS-1000-Li-2 battery backup surge protector provides a fast response time, automatic voltage regulation, and a stable AC source without the constant use of internal batteries. The unit’s analytical software allows technicians to manage power settings, view power data, monitor multiple units, and schedule shutdowns and restarts.

    Featuring Advanced Series Mode technology, the UPS-1000-Li-2 eliminates surge energy to safeguard equipment from electrical transients. It includes catastrophic over/under voltage shutdown protection and impedance tolerant noise filtering to guarantee power quality remains consistent.

    Perfect for installations that have limited rack space, the UPS-1000-Li-2 is the logical choice for battery backup and surge protection.

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