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UPS + Isolation Transformer

Battery Backup - Power Conditioner

Built with line interactive technology, the SurgeX UPS + Isolation Transformer provides a fast outage response time, 0.9 output power factor, true sine-wave output and a hot-swappable battery. When AC electricity fails, the UPS uses its internal, maintenance-free battery to supply reserved power to connected equipment. 

  • Line Interactive technology
  • Low impedance isolation transformer
  • 0.9 output power factor with true sine-wave output
  • Auto battery test and user hot-swappable battery
  • Advanced SNMP communication capability
  • User-friendly GUI interface and diagnostics

Models: UPS-1440-Li-ISO, UPS-2200-Li-ISO, UPS-3000-Li-ISO

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    The UPS also contains a low impedance isolation transformer that constantly filters and conditions the power supply. Preventing electrical noise from affecting performance, delivering clean, fully conditioned power to the source, and stopping harmful harmonics from reaching sensitive loads. It ensures a fully conditioned, safely managed interface between your equipment and the electrical supply.

    Why settle for backup power alone when the SurgeX UPS + Isolation protects your equipment from so much more?

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