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AMETEK Power Quality Solutions 
is in the business of helping our customers proactively mitigate, manage, and prevent power quality issues that negatively affect their business. For over 35 years, our purpose has been to develop new, innovative and advanced power system protection approaches that improve the success of our customers and the satisfaction of their clients.

We achieve this by providing the highest level of power protection, power conditioning, analytical software, innovation, and client support to keep equipment functioning properly, help increase uptime and reduce costs.

We strive to nurture strong and everlasting partnerships that create the best owning experience possible.

We are different by design. Instead of the traditional solutions based approach, we pride ourselves on delivering new and innovative approaches that uniquely serve the needs of the customer and their individual markets.

  • Our Vision +

    Adding value to your business and providing an exceptional customer experience.

  • Our Mission +

    Our mission is to add value to your business and provide our customers with an exceptional experience. We achieve this by providing in-depth knowledge, expertise and unconditional support.

  • Our Team +

    Our accomplished team of business architects have a common goal: to ensure our client’s needs are met. Whether it be though our field sales staff, customer service, engineering, marketing, operations or finance capabilities, AMETEK Power Quality Solutions will work with you to keep your business in business.

  • Our Expertise +

    With our vast expertise of how power quality issues can affect a business, and over 45 technology patents, we strive to be one step ahead of the needs of our customers in an ever-changing industry. We are continually working with them to develop new ways to address the power quality issues they face daily.

  • Quality Policy +

    We at AMETEK Power Quality Solutions shall operate to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and quality of service through continuous improvements of the Quality Management System and our processes.

  • Our Facility +

    AMETEK Power Quality Solutions is headquartered in Knightdale, North Carolina. Our 125,000-square foot manufacturing facility is ISO 9000 and Lean Sigma Six certified. With manufacturing in the U.S.A. and our engineering staff on site, we can deliver new products to the market quickly and efficiently.