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Keep Mid-Level Office Equipment Functioning Properly

The Digital QC offers comprehensive mains power protection and filtering against harmful surges, spikes, EMI/RFI noise, electrical transients, and wiring faults to safeguard mid-level office equipment and a business’s profitability.

  • Patented Multi-Stage mains protection and conditioning
  • Advanced EMI/RFI noise filter
  • Over voltage response time of 200 milliseconds
  • Cat5e ETL Verified Network surge and telephone line protection (on all networked products)
  • Mains over Ethernet protection (on all networked products), and wiring fault protection (D5 series only)
  • Easily installs behind or beside connected equipment
Models: QC-2310, QC-23016
  • Overview +

    The Digital QC’s Multi-Stage surge suppression and power filtration technology allows the lowest amount of surge energy to reach connected equipment. Only a harmless remnant gets through to guarantee equipment receives stable power and functions properly. Its advanced filtration system virtually eliminates normal and common mode electronic noise interference that can cause error codes, malfunction and unnecessary service calls.

    ESP’s technology incorporates a series combination of varistors and a three-terminal gas arrestor that suppresses both normal and common mode surge energy. It safeguards equipment from harmful surges, spikes, high-speed transients, and electronic noise events that can cause error codes, misfeeds, paper jams, color quality degradation, downtime, and customer dissatisfaction.

    Keep your mid-level office equipment and business up and running with the Digital QC.

  • Specifications +

    Contact ESP at 1-800-645-9721 for complete Physical Specs

    Contact ESP at 1-800-645-9721 for complete Electrical Specs

    Standards Compliance
    Complete standards compliance including UL 1449 (3rd Edition)

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