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Single-Phase UPS (Global)


Clean, continuous power to critical loads

SurgeX Large Format uninterruptible power supplies guarantee a reliable, efficient and cost-effective solution for powering mission critical equipment. They regenerate AC power via true online double-conversion technology coupled with an isolation transformer to entirely re-establish the neutral to ground bond. Unique to the industry, this combination eradicates harmonics and common mode noise to guarantee optimum performance and reliability. Offering a better experience for end users and less service calls for integrators.

  • Online double conversion technology
  • Low impedance isolation transformer
  • Low Input TDH
  • Static bypass switch
  • Inrush load rating up to 300%
  • Voltage conversion capability
  • Generator compatibility
  • Expandable battery packs
  • Impressive 0.9 output power factor
  • Multiple control options including SNMP
  • Industry leading -30%/+15% voltage range
  • UL listed and CE marked
Global UPS Models: UPS-42100-05R

SNMP Models: 3000S-01, 3000S-02, 3000S-03