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120 - 208V


Comprehensive surge protection in a small package

Small equipment is the lifeblood of an office, but often overlooked due its size. Keeping this equipment functioning properly is a significant step to increase employee productivity and satisfaction.

  • Multi-Stage surge protection
  • EMI/RFI noise filtration
  • Power over Ethernet protection (on all networked products)
  • Compact design
Models: MFP-1, MFP-2, MFP-4, S1
  • Overview +

    ESP's Compact Solutions Multi-Stage power filters safeguard small printers, scanners, fax machines, mailing machines, and desktop equipment from the effects associated with power disturbances.

    ESP’s technology incorporates a series combination of varistors and a three-terminal gas arrestor that suppresses both normal and common mode surge energy. They protect smaller equipment from harmful surges, spikes, high-speed transients, and electronic noise events that can cause error codes, misfeeds, paper jams, color quality degradation, downtime, and customer dissatisfaction. Their compact size makes them easy to install behind or beside equipment to keep them out of view.

    ESP's Compact Solutions are the perfect choice to keep smaller equipment running without disruption.

  • Specifications +

    Contact ESP at 1-800-645-9721 for complete Physical Specs

    Contact ESP at 1-800-645-9721 for complete Electrical Specs

    Standards Compliance
    Complete standards compliance including UL 1449 (3rd Edition)

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