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Three-Phase UPS


A powerful combination of superior efficiency and inrush capability

SurgeX three-phase uninterruptible power supply (UPS) products guarantee a reliable and cost-effective power quality solution that delivers an effective combination of superior efficiency and inrush capability to maximize performance. 

  • The most advanced IGBT technology
  • 300% overload capacity, sustains for 140 msec online
  • 1.0 power factor
  • High efficiency rate, up to 94%
  • ECO mode, 97% efficient 
  • Convenient top and side access for serviceability
  • Optional SNMP network card and Modbus
Models: UPS-33020-02, UPS-33030-12, UPS-33040-12

SNMP Models: 
3000S-01, 3000S-02, 3000S-03

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    They provide peak current on demand for today’s switch mode power supplies. Its switches are factory set so that the circuit breaker is configured for maximum inrush current capability to withstand up to 300% for 140 msec. The inrush current capability also prevents damage and disruption to the connected equipment.

    With one of the smallest footprints in the industry, SurgeX three-phase UPS backup power solutions are the ideal choice for any environment where high performance is needed for critical load applications. 


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