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Keep Things in Order and Improve Performance

When electronic equipment must be powered up or down in order, rather than simultaneously, sequencing is needed. In AV systems, sequencing is often necessary for controlling power distribution to avoid pops and hissing sounds, along with excessive inrush surge currents that can trip circuits.

  • Three sequenced banks of four receptacles; two always-on receptacles
  • Setup stored in non-volatile memory
  • Can control other SurgeX products or daisy-chained with other SEQ sequencers (SEQ)
  • LCD screen (SEQ)
  • Magnetic shielding steel enclosure
  • 9’ grounded 3-wire cord

Models: SEQ, SEQ-1U

  • Overview +

    SurgeX Sequencers’ extensive management features give the parameters, and adjustable shutdown thresholds needed to properly sequence power and enhance AV performance. They are controlled from the front panel or remote locations, include a built in AC voltmeter, an override input to force the unit on or off can be programmed to restore power or remain off after a power failure, and can be password protected for enhanced security.

    Featuring Advanced Series Mode power protection and conditioning, the Sequencers safeguard connected equipment from the harmful surges, spikes, electrical transients, and noise that can affect AV performance and cause equipment downtime. It is the only technology that eliminates surge energy up to 6,000 Volts and will not produce ground contamination or common-mode disturbances.

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