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“With the detailed reports and real time ability to show electrical noise on the scope, the enVision's predictive analytics software gave us the "proof' necessary to show our customer the MFP was not malfunctioning, but the issues were directly related to power. With over 25 years in the industry it is still difficult to have customers believe that we know what we're talking about. In the past we would have replaced unnecessary parts and spent unnecessary time troubleshooting with the end result in some cases exchanging the equipment only to have the same issues. Needless to say the ESP power filters have lowered my costs, increased my technician's productivity and made my service department more profitable.”

“We needed to better understand the conditions that could affect our digital signage that we couldn’t visibly see, and SurgeX has technologies already integrated into their products to do so. We wanted to be able to run analysis on line conditions and gather data to ensure that we always have a clear picture of our whole digital signage environment. The SurgeX MultiPak surge protector easily attached to the Peerless mounts and protects the entire solution. With protection like that, Ingram Micro doesn’t have to worry about power disturbances affecting the digital signage”.

“We have developed a plan using ESP surge protection for all of our installs over the last couple of years and must say we have been more than satisfied with the reduction in service calls.

There has been a 45% drop in the usual suspects (error codes, fuser related codes, blown boards, and machines freezing up). We even had a hurricane last year and had ZERO service calls that were storm related in the following days.

I wasn’t a believer in surge protection for a lot of years, but now we only do installs that are connected to ESP products. ”

“We started using SurgeX surge protection and conditioning after a recommendation from a fellow dealer and have been blown away by your product. Ever since we started using SurgeX we have had no power related service issues on our projects. Gone are the days of constantly having to re-boot preamps and the like or replace “surge suppressors” that have been blown up in the line of duty. We tell our clients to purchase a real power conditioner from SurgeX or don’t waste their money on anything else. We appreciate the SurgeX no-nonsense approach to product design and your lack of marketing fluff! You make a product that works, period. Thanks again for a great product!”

“Since using ESP’s power filters we no longer receive service calls for machines locking up and needing to be rebooted. Our copiers run much smoother and with the diagnostic capabilities we are able to properly analyze everything going on while we aren’t at our customer’s site. ”

“When you get one chance to capture a Worldwide Broadcast, you simply can’t leave your power conditioning to chance. We use and rely on SurgeX. It’s Power Protection you can Trust!”

“By mandating ESP power protection, our service profitability doubled, and I attribute protecting my fleet of copiers with ESP as one of the reasons. Last year I replaced two boards on a base of thousands of MFP’s—which saved my department lost revenue, resources, time and poor perception from customers.

“Alstage Sound and Lighting installed a sound system in the new sanctuary at Evangel Assembly of God church, Wooster, Ohio in the fall of 2002. SurgeX was recommended by us and included in this system.

SurgeX was put to the test during the summer of 2003 when the facility was subjected to several lightning hits during mid summer. The facility was struck in early July, by a severe bolt to the 3-phase transformer bank next to the church, exploding one transformer. The lightning discharge proceeded into the building on the 208 volt 3-phase feeders and caused extensive damage to the alarm system, computer network and hardware, and the phone system. The new sanctuary audio, which was powered and protected by the SurgeX sequential power protection system, remained undamaged except for minor damage to an audio circuit which was connected to a 200 foot run of cable in the attic.

Alstage, and our customer at Evangel, are totally convinced of SurgeX’s ability to protect the AC power circuits. The other repair contractors were not as fortunate, having to deal with the extensive damage to the rest of the facility.”

“This summer we had four churches that have taken nearby lightning strikes taking out computers, fire-alarm systems, organ components and sound/video systems. Equipment that was protected by SurgeX surge protection devices suffered NO ILL EFFECTS!”

“Every MediaMatrix® system installer or user should provide the utmost in power protection for their investment – SurgeX products offer superior power protection against surges, transients, EMI/RFI noise, and do not contaminate the system ground. No audio system by Peavey should be installed without SurgeX!”

“At Technovations, we implement SurgeX products into every integrated system.

We have tried other products in the past, but have found that SurgeX products greatly reduce service calls related to heavy storms, lightning strikes and accompanying power outages. Our client base is extremely satisfied with the protection that SurgeX provides.”

“At HB Communications, we understand that there is no substitute for quality. Our reputation is on the line with every job, regardless of its size. That being said, we only work with manufacturers that deliver products we can depend on. When it comes to power filtering and line conditioning, SurgeX is our surge protection device of choice. SurgeX works; it’s just that simple.”

“SurgeX products, are the only safe and reliable way I know of to protect electronic systems from destructive power line faults. I specify them exclusively for all my projects. And all of my own equipment is protected by SurgeX. They are absolutely the best surge protectors”

“Every AVWashington A/V system includes a SurgeX power filter because of its superior protection against energy surges. Our clients benefit because SurgeX safeguards their mission-critical A/V systems. AVWashington chooses SurgeX exclusively because it provides the best power protection.”

“Our facility was hit by lightening in the middle of July, 2002. All of the computers plugged into SurgeX were fine. However, our server was plugged into a UPS only and suffered damage.”

“SurgeX Series Mode® products are not only the most effective power conditioners, they do NOT contaminate the system ground or place equipment interfaces at high risk like conventional shunt-mode devices do. I recommend them for all integrated electronic systems!”

“Our photographic studio has thousands of dollars invested in computer equipment that we rely on every day. The data contained on them is worth a hundred times more. That’s why protecting our equipment from potential damage and the resulting data loss is critical.

Our SurgeX gives us piece of mind that in the event of an electrical related incident, our systems will be protected. If you think a ten dollar power strip from the hardware store is going to protect you against serious power surges and lightning strikes, think again.

It’s comforting to know that if something does happen, we’re protected.”

“SurgeX products are essential to the success of our projects… Without first class power protection, we wouldn’t have first class projects.”

“SurgeX Series Mode technology provides very effective long-term surge protection by means of a patented design which does NOT result in the diversion of transient surge energy into Equipment Ground conductors, and the consequent instantaneous elevation of local ground reference potentials. Nowhere is this more important than in installations of interconnected audio, video, and computer equipment distributed throughout a building, wherein equipment is typically powered from and grounded to the building electrical system via the nearest convenient connection point.

Unfortunately, during a powerline transient surge event there is no guarantee whatsoever that all connection points in any building electrical system will be at the same instantaneous ground reference potential. Under such circumstances transient currents, capable of causing permanent equipment damage and/or temporary system malfunctions, will flow in any and all system interconnection paths. Unlike conventional shunt mode powerline “protection” devices which divert transient currents into Equipment Ground paths, effectively aggravating the problem, SurgeX Series Mode devices do NOT divert transient currents into Equipment Ground paths, and thus do not increase the probability of equipment damage and system malfunctions during transient surge events.

A quick payback in the form of reduced equipment failures and consequent system downtime is yet another benefit of SurgeX protection. Their unsurpassed UL Certified A-1-1 performance, in combination with outstanding long term reliability derived from the total elimination of sacrificial components, clearly places SurgeX products in a class by themselves.