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Safeguard Digital Displays

Digital displays are a vital part of a business’s interaction with their customers. Power disturbances on video, data, and audio lines can result in pixelation, hissing/crackling sounds and error codes that render equipment inoperable—resulting in customer dissatisfaction and lost income.  

  • Compact Design
  • Wiring fault protection
  • 4 and 6 receptacle configurations
  • 6’ line cord
  • Mounting brackets

Models: SX-DS-154, SX-DS-156

  • Overview +

    The MultiPak surge protector and power conditioner safeguards digital equipment from surges, spikes, and electrical transients that can bring business to a halt. Its 360 degrees of power protection encompass multi-stage technology, catastrophic over/under voltage shutdown, inrush current elimination, an impedance tolerant noise filter to ensure equipment remains up and running without disruption.

    The MultiPak’s analytical software monitors, collects and analyzes electrical data, allowing service teams to understand power anomalies. The software identifies the potential cause of a problem and translates that data into recommendations on how to resolve the issue.

    Available in four and six receptacle configurations, the MultiPak surge protection devices are the clear choice to safeguard digital displays.

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