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Case Studies

Power Protection from the Inside Out: Verrex Leverages SurgeX in Corporate Offices, Installs to Support Customers from Consult to Install

Bridging AV and IT technology infrastructure, devices, and software, industry leader Verrex leverages the best technology to foster innovation, engagement, and collaboration in the modern workplace. When it comes to protecting their own office and their clients’ installs, SurgeX makes the “must-have” list.

Power Management Solutions Help HB Communications Become More Profitable and Service Customers at a Higher Level

The enVision product from SurgeX has been the perfect solution for this need, to the point that we have started including it in HB Communications' managed service offerings.

Image Source Utilizes ESP Surge Protection to Ensure Clean, Stable Power at their Installations

The Image Source Team installed ESP Digital QC power filters on 156 devices in 72 cities/locations over 11 months. The “Test Group” encompassed 31 Xerox models representing office and light production copiers. The study included devices with and without attached ESP filters so that the performance and results could be accurately compared.

High-End Installations at Risk from Power Quality Issues & Surges in N. California Homes

Northern California is a popular ski destination for many, but the mountainous region creates problems for those living in nearby Lake Tahoe communities. Harsh weather coming in over the mountains, ski lift operation, and an outdated power infrastructure all contribute to frequent surges and poor power quality that puts technology in nearby homes at risk.

Lightning Strikes the Discussion for Power Protection

For a small waterfront community in Florida, hurricane season’s side effects cause serious problems. Each year, homes in the community face devastating physical damage from storms, lightning strikes that can destroy electronics in an instant, and a high volume of power surges that can degrade equipment over time and dramatically shorten its lifespan. Regional dealer Millennium Systems Design has been serving this community for many years, and approaches lighting season with a whole-home power and surge protection solution to safeguard its clients’ systems and equipment from the damaging effects.

Ghosts in the System are Kept Out by SurgeX Power Protection and Conditioners.

A house in rural upstate New York was outfitted with an enormous Savant home automation system, containing over 20 zones of audio and video, installed by regional Massachusetts dealer, Tune Street. But when the project was completed, Tune Street was being repeatedly called for power quality issues by the client to reboot or fix lighting, shades, set top boxes and other parts of the system that were randomly dying out or malfunctioning. If remote reboot was not an option, Tune Street had to send a team member out to the house, which was three hours away.

Ingram Micro Showcases Digital Signage Expertise with NEC Displays and VS Networks

Customers assumed the team that manages Ingram Micro’s Pro AV business also supplied the digital signage throughout the Buffalo campus. Until recently, that wasn’t the case.

enVision Analytical Software Solves Mysterious Slot Machine Malfunctions

Slot machines are one of the key revenue producing devices in the gaming industry and uptime and performance are critical to the operation and customer experience. The Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, FL was continually having their slot machines malfunction and experiencing downtime without a known cause. In addition, they were replacing the connected UPS devices, units that protect against power outages, every 3 to 4 months. 

SurgeX, Surge Protection Device Solves Fortune 500 department store chain’s equipment issues

An IT manager from a Fortune 500 department store chain contacted ESP/SurgeX to help him solve recurring equipment related problems at many of their retail sites.

enVision Power Analytics Software Uncovers the Cause of Digital Display Failures 

Shortly after AVAD, a premier AV solutions provider, moved into its Van Nuys, CA facility two years ago several of its expensive video displays began to experience pixelation, performance issues, downtime, and failure. The problems were happening on a consistent basis across all of their displays on site, regardless of the brand. Branch Manager Timo Hildebrandt noted that AVAD replaced at least six HD panels ranging in size from 60” to 85” without ever knowing the cause. Hildebrant assumed the equipment was defective and expected its replacement would function properly. When the replacement equipment also experienced similar issues everyone was left scratching their heads.